Greenlink Intelligent factory is put into use


Greenlink invested $25 million in 2018 to build a new plant, which took two years and was put into use in 2020. With the implementation of intelligent transformation, the production efficiency of the workshop is increased, the process is optimized, and the product quality is greatly improved.

The manufacturing process of Greenlink is controlled by MES intelligent system. AGV intelligent unmanned vehicle system is used for on-site logistics. ERP information management system is used for enterprise resources. WMS intelligent warehouse management system is used for raw materials, in-process products and finished products transportation. The full process is under intelligent control and traced. The 5G wireless network of the whole plant covers the high-speed transmission of information, realizing high-quality, low-cost and flexible intelligent production corresponding to small batch customization. All systems are organically combined, from planning, producing to warehousing, all-around data real-time collection and transmission, to achieve efficient production and flexible customization.

In the future, Greenlink will further promote the intellectualization of the production process, continuously optimize the new production mode, and comprehensively improve the innovative and intelligent level of the enterprise's R&D design, technology,  production workmanship, management, and etc.