GreenLink Unveils the New Style of Paper-Pulp Egg Cartons


GreenLink Unveils the New Style of Paper-Pulp Cartons, breakthroughs in technology with eco-friendly design Los Angeles-March 28,2023- Greenlink Corp. today announced the new paper-pulp egg cartons, including the new Smile-Style 12-Egg Paper-Pulp Carton, Twin-Six Paper-Pulp Carton and 30-Egg Paper-Pulp Carton --- all at a more affordable price. The paper-pulp cartons are made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper pulp, with enough thickness to ensure no breakage while transporting or lifting. Standard size egg cells accommodate small, medium, large and extra-large egg sizes.  

“We're very excited to offer this eco-friendly product line to our customers,” said Willis Wu, GreenLink's chief executive officer, “It's a great packaging solution for egg storage and we also provide options with customized labels”

The new Smile-Style Carton, with a curved lid and buckle design, makes an excellent addition for grocery store display. Designed for the highest humidity absorbency and breathing capability, this unique shape provides maximum protection and against breakage to ensure that eggs remain intact during transport.

All the new paper-pulp products are available to order today from Customers are encouraged to chat with a GreenLink representative and get more information on the delivery services available at their local area.